Today’s video is inspired by my own writing.  I have decided to do some work on one of my projects today and this song fits perfectly.  My characters, a time traveler from the 21st century and an English nobleman from the 19th, will eventually be separated by 150 years and the only comfort they can find is that they both at one point in time are looking up at “the same night sky” albeit more than a century apart.

I first heard this song when I was in elementary school, although I don’t think I ever saw the movie it was in.  In seventh grade, I was supposed to sing this with my choir, but ended up having to miss the concert in order to go to my Confirmation party.  I have, however, loved this song ever since, and I hope you do too.


Romance novels have been a part of my life since I was 14 years old and one of my neighbors dropped off a laundry basket full of Harlequins. From that day on, my nose was always in a book. I started my first review site in 2013, but took some time off for personal issues in 2018.

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