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Video of the Day–On Again, Off Again, and Finally On Again

Honestly, this was not the video I was going to post today, but while looking for that video, I came across this one, which is a compilation of the most important moments in the history of Ross and Rachel’s relationship on Friends.

I don’t remember a time at which Friends wasn’t a part of my life, although it obviously started nearly a decade after I was born. It was one of those shows that I associate with different times of my life.  For instance, the first time I watched The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know was the day of my Great Uncle’s funeral (which also happened to be the day that my dad got a new car).  Then, there was The One With All The Thanksgivings, which I missed because of my 7th grade Fashion Show at Russo’s on the Bay (epic disaster–a bunch of guys got drunk and some of the 8th grade girls were caught smoking in the bathroom).  The One in Vegas premiered the day before my Confirmation.

This video is chock full of awesome, and I hope you enjoy it.


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