I don’t usually review movies on here as the focus of this blog is books, but I need to review this movie (it is a book, too).  This is the third in the Mrs. Miracle series and the first two movies are pretty good (actually I prefer the movie version of Mrs. Miracle to the book version in which the hero is willing to exploit children in order to make money when everyone warns him against it.  In the movie, some smart producer made the decision to reverse this).  I have not read the most recent book and based on the movie, I do not plan to read it.

Here’s the plot synopsis: Harry Mills (aka Mr. Miracle) is an angel sent to Earth to help a young woman get her life back on track by Christmas or he’ll never be allowed back on Earth (in human form) again.

Rob Morrow plays Harry, and while I usually like Morrow, his performance is confusing to say the least.  He plays the character as if he’s got some form of Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, which is an interesting choice considering he is supposed to be inconspicuous.  To be honest, the character reminds me of a slower Gomer Pyle–or maybe its Goober.  Either way, it isn’t the choice I would have made.  Maybe he should have actually watched the first two movies, which featured Doris Roberts (in the only role I actually like her in) as Mrs. Miracle, an elderly angel who helps couples fall in love, or even old episodes of Touched by Angel to figure out how to play the character.

I don’t even think I made it to the half-way mark before turning it off because it was just too disappointing to continue watching.  Maybe someone out there will like it, but that person isn’t me.



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