You have no idea how happy I am that Dawson’s Creek is on television again–not just one channel, but two!  I had a bit of a hot and cold relationship with that show when I was younger–basically, any time Dawson became the main focus, I was out.  I cannot stand him.  At all.  He was such a whiney brat and I was so glad that a lot of the later episodes were more about Joey, who was also a bit whiney at times, but at least didn’t have that awful crying face.  You know the one.  It still gives me the creeps.

Ah, there it is--and even creepier because it's an animated gif.
Ah, there it is–and even creepier because it’s an animated gif.

To say I was not a Dawson fan is an understatement, so when it looked like Pacey and Joey were going to become an item, I was ecstatic–mostly because I hated Dawson’s sanctimoniousness.  Throughout season 3, I fell harder for Pacey than Joey did, which is probably why I still call Joshua Jackson that whenever I see him on screen, even though I loved him as Fringe’s Peter Bishop too.

The video I have for today was from the 3rd season’s Spring Break themed episode in which the gang goes to Dawson’s aunt’s house and when Joey finally gives in to the feelings she has for Pacey.  Finally.


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