The other day my dad and I were talking about this song.  Apparently, he did not know that it was sung by Guns N’ Roses.  I thought everyone knew that.  Of course, that alone would not get it chosen as video of the day.  It just so happens that I started Shannyn Schroeder’s newest Hot and Nerdy book–His New Jam–and the hero plays it (on his tenor sax) for the heroine after she challenged him to play it.  I’m not sure how that would sound, but it could be cool.


Romance novels have been a part of my life since I was 14 years old and one of my neighbors dropped off a laundry basket full of Harlequins. From that day on, my nose was always in a book. I started my first review site in 2013, but took some time off for personal issues in 2018.

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