If you watched the parade yesterday, you probably heard Train cover this song and if you’re American (which if you were watching the parade you probably are), you most likely aren’t familiar with this song.  It is Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade and the first time I heard it was in Doctor Who‘s Christmas Invasion.  I believe it is in every single Christmas special that they’ve made since the show returned in 2005.

I chose this as today’s video for two reasons.  First, now that Thanksgiving is over the Christmas season has officially begun and while I’m no longer religious (for reasons that I won’t get into on here), I still love Christmas music, books, and movies.  The second reason is that I like its optimistic message.  The chorus implores us to “look to the future now. It’s only just begun.”  From what I understand, the song was written during a particularly turbulent time in the 1970’s and the band wanted to remind everyone that it gets better.  That is a sentiment that is apt even today.  So many people, all over the world, are struggling and we need to remember that all of it is temporary.


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