Tuesday night, I started reading a book called Operation Stop Hate, the first book in a new series.  It was actually published back in March, but for some reason it was still available on Netgalley.  Despite liking it, I am confused by some things included in it.  For instance, one of the characters, a 16 year old kid, refuses to own a cell phone.  Is there anyone over the age of 10 that doesn’t have a cell or at least want one?  Not this kid, though.  No, he still listens to music on his iPod.  Are those even still made?  The music on that iPod?  It didn’t start out as a media file on his computer.  He’s got a shelf full of CD’s.  (I’ve been told that there are some teens that have CD’s, but I doubt there are all that many out there.)  All that’s fine, even if it doesn’t make much sense for teens in 2015, but the thing that really has me scratching my head is the fact that Ms. Chandler thinks that typical teens are listening to Nickelback and Train.  Train is definitely a possibility, but I consider them to be more adult contemporary than pop, which is what the author labeled them.

Today’s video of the day is a study in what Jessie Chandler thinks teens listens to compared to what they’re most likely listening to on their iPhones (not their iPods).

Up first, the bane of anyone with musical taste: Nickelback.  For all of our sakes (but mostly mine), I chose one of their less annoying songs.



Next, what teens are probably listening to right now.  One Direction.


I guess that’s what happens when you write a book in 2005 and publish it in 2015 without making the requisite revisions.



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