I posted this video to youtube 4 years ago yesterday.  After watching it again this morning I decided that it should be today’s video because like so many other people when I’m faced with such depressing news as what we’ve seen over the past week, I turn to fur babies.  Since I’m 3000 miles away from Miss Mia, I wanted to share her with my readers.

My aunts adopted Mia in April 2011, a month after our last dog was put down (she was 8 and very sick).  Mia was exactly what we needed.  My Aunt Mary’s goal was to find a dog like Roxie because she had been such a good dog.  When my cousin, Nicole, and her boyfriend, Andrew, found Mia at North Shore Animal League on Long Island, we knew that she was perfect.  She is also nothing like Roxie.  She has this amazing personality that charms everyone she meets.  And she loves her babies.  Especially a stuffed duck that is now on its 3rd incarnation (the first two were brutally killed, but the 3rd has lasted several years now).  In the above video, Mia wasn’t even a year old and my aunts decided to give her a toy puppy.  Well, that didn’t go as planned.


This is a more recent picture of Mia.  My cousin took this picture over the weekend when they were putting up the Christmas Tree.  Mia loves playing dress up, so this was probably a fairly easy picture for Nicole to take.

Readers, feel free to comment about your fur babies, past and present.  I’d love to see them and we can never get too much cuteness in the world.  (I’m not sure if the comments support pictures, but if they do, please post some pics.)


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