In my last post, I complained about music being blamed for things it cannot possibly do, so today’s video is live footage from the day Rob Halford from Judas Priest testified in court about the band’s song Better by You Better Than Me from its Stained Class album.  The song supposedly contains subliminal messages urging people to commit suicide.  I don’t even know how this even became as issue, but apparently two kids spent the day getting drunk, high, and listening to this song before attempting to commit suicide.  The parents of those kids sued the band, claiming that they were liable for their deaths.  The judge disagreed (as any sane person would).


Romance novels have been a part of my life since I was 14 years old and one of my neighbors dropped off a laundry basket full of Harlequins. From that day on, my nose was always in a book. I started my first review site in 2013, but took some time off for personal issues in 2018.

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