Yesterday, I became aware of yet another instance of plagiarism.  This time the victim is author, Allyson Lindt, whose book Breaching His Defenses, is being sold on Amazon and is attributed to someone else. That someone else is Joao Afonso.  As of yesterday afternoon that version is still available on Amazon, although I have not checked other booksellers.

According to Lindt, Afonso didn’t change very much of her story and just stuck his/her name on the cover.  Even the cover copy is the same as what was written on her official page.  She goes on to write:

So, readers, please, if you see an e-book of mine, and it wasn’t published by Acelette Press, Hartwood Publishing, or Liquid Silver Books, I didn’t authorize its publication. That may change in the future, but currently there are no plans to do so.

I honestly don’t understand why this keeps happening.  Why people feel the need to slap their name on someone else’s book and call it their own is beyond me.  I’m not going to go on and on as to why this is wrong and what we need to do about it because I’ve done that already.  No one is listening–or at least the right people aren’t listening.  The whole thing is very exhausting and I’m over it.

(As a side note: How anyone could think the Afonso version was a legit book astounds me.  The cover alone is so poorly done that it couldn’t possibly be a real book.  Just saying.)


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