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Video of the Day–Bono Apologizes in a Very Bono Way


As I was reading The Sweetest Thing all I could think about was this song.  Back in the day, I recorded this song on a cassette and listened to it on my Sony yellow walkman.  Okay, it was my dad’s walkman, but I stole it from him at some point in 1995.  Anyway, with each page I could hear the chorus in my head and knew that I had to make this one of the video of the day videos.  Then, I looked at the lyrics.  At one point, they sing “Ours is a stormy kind of love.”  I would definitely say that Ford and Tara had exactly that.

As I searched for this video, I found out something interesting about the song.  Apparently, Bono forgot his wife’s birthday and wrote the song as an apology.  That’s why there are signs saying, “I’m sorry” throughout the video.  That really is the sweetest thing.


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