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Video of the Day–Loving the Governess

There is just something about the boss falling for the governess–whether he is a dashing Austrian Naval Captain, a gorgeous, British Broadway producer, or a slick, Aristocratic spy.  The book I’m currently reading, I Spy a Duke by Erica Monroe, falls into the third category (not the only one I’ve read, btw).  In it, James, Duke …

The Romance Reader Vlog #4

I know I’ve been a bit derelict in updating the blog/vlog over the last few weeks, but I have a good excuse–which you’ll learn by watching the vlog. 🙂  (You didn’t think I’d make it easy for you, did you?)

The Romance Reader Vlog #3

I swore I posted this the other day, but I guess the post didn’t go live.  In the third installment of the Vlog, I talk about the different books I’ve been reading lately and why none of them actually worked for me.  Mentioned are The First Love Cookie Club, which I reviewed the other day, and …